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April 19, 2017 / no comments, on Cordless Drill Reviews

Introduction :

Dewalt brings us a range of Dewalt DCD 771C2 20V Max cordless Lithium- Ion ½ inch Compact Drill Driver Kit, that is light, compact and cordless for household users who need to fix drawers, cabinets, and perform screwing and drilling techniques around the house. The product is available both in online stores and retail shops.

General information :

Dewalt brings a range of cordless portable drill that makes our task easy as it is light, has a comfortable grip and easy controller techniques. With this drill driver we can fix and drill any items such as metals, woods, plastics, etc. The product comes with a Lithium battery and a charger, drill and a durable bag.

The specifications or features are as under:

Weight: The drill weighs around 6.5 pounds which means that is light and convenient for users.

Dimension: The product has a dimension of 13.9 inches by 9.9 inches by 4.3 inches.

Size: The product is medium sized.

Durability and Power: The product has a 20 Volts Lithium-Ion battery which supplies power through electric cord. The battery holds charge for long hours and also with the package we also get a charger that helps us to use the product for many years.

Watt: This light weighed motor tool gives high performance and burns 300 watts power.

Speed: The drill provides both high and low speed transmission- 0 to 1500 RPM and 0 to 450 RPM respectively.

Comfort and control: The product weighing only 6.5 pounds makes working easy as our hands do not get tired holding it for long hours. The product also comes with a comfortable and soft ergonomic handle and single switch that help us to control speed and also makes working comfortable.

Items available with the kit: The items that we get along with the drill in the drill driver kit are a pack that consists of 2 pieces of Lithium Ion battery, one compact charger to charge the battery once the battery gets discharged and a bag to carry all these items.

Why product is so great?

The product is so great because people who use this product say it is a powerful product, weighs only 6.5 pounds and gives high performance and of great value. It is a recommended product and is called a best home owner drill driver. The best part is it comes along with a charger and a pack of two Lithium batteries.

Why is it best of breed?

The product is considered best of its breed as it is easily portable and fits even in the tightest cabinet of your house. Customers find is convenient and comfortable. Lastly, it has a the best battery, Lithium Ion battery that holds charge for long hours and unlike other batteries the batteries do not get spoiled.

What customers are saying?

Most customers review the product with 5 stars which means they are highly satisfied and many recommend us to buy this product because of the battery life and the ease and comfort with which we can use the product. It is convenient for both men and women as it is very light and has a easy grip handle.