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Cordless Drill Buying Guide

August 21, 2017 / no comments, on Power Drill Buying Guide

Drills are equipment’s that are used to bore holes into any target material. Some machines can also insert screws into the drilled holes, making the job of screw fixing very much easier. Cordless drills are those devices that are not connected to a power socket. These come with rechargeable batteries that can be charged and used any number of times. This eases the drilling task in regions that are not equipped with a power supply. Also, these cordless drills are compact and can be carried to any place and used instantly. Due to such advantages, cordless drills have been widely preferred in recent days in comparison to the drills that come with a power cord. Many models of cordless drills are available in the market and each brand differs from the other through their efficiency, specification, features or design. Due to its usage, the cordless drills find their application in numerous sectors like manufacturing units, warehouses, offices, museums and artifact collection region and also in houses. Depending on the requirement of the user, cordless drill reviews help in choosing the most suited model for purchase.

Cordless drills are classified based on various parameters. Some of them are functionality, power efficiency, brand name and features. AN idea about the basic types of cordless drills will help in arriving at a decision about purchasing the right product.


Cordless Drill

Batteries used in cordless drills

Since the unique feature of cordless drills is that they come with rechargeable batteries, these batteries draw attention during purchase. Batteries are produced by various manufacturers and the user can opt for any one according to his convenience. But the important point here is the type of battery. Earlier, when cordless drills were introduced, there was only one model of battery, the Nickel Cadmium battery. These were the only sets of rechargeable batteries that suited cordless drills. These batteries required charging for a long time but would discharge very soon. They would not withstand even one third the time they took for charging. This made the users uneasy as the batteries were constantly in the charging mode and had to be replaced in a short period. Later the newer batteries were introduced. The Lithium ion batteries. These batteries were very quick to charge and never discharged very fast. Also, they lasted for the time of an entire project, making full use of the motive of a cordless drill. Till date, Lithium ion rechargeable batteries are most preferred.

Power efficiency

Another type of classification is based on their voltage and power efficiency. Cordless drills come in numerous voltage ratings. This voltage rating determines the efficiency of the machine. Depending on the lace of usage, the power efficiency can be chosen. The various voltage ratings of the drills are:

  • 12V
  • 4V
  • 18V
  • 20V

These voltage variations determine their efficiency and effective usage for a long period of time.

Based on functionality – Cordless drill reviews :

Another classification of drills is based on the functionality they perform. This is the most accurate classification to cordless drills as factory users and professional users refer to drills based on this classification only. The three basic types of drilling are listed below.

Combi Drills: These drills are capable of drilling into wooden and metallic target materials with absolute accuracy. These drill holes into the surface in a very short time and also drive screws into them. This makes drilling operations very easy and perfect. Thus these machines are highly preferred for household usage. Another advantage of the drill is that they come with speed control buttons. Using this, the user can control the speed on the drill depending on the target material. Thus it makes drilling operations easy and trouble free.

Drill Driver: This is another type of cordless drill that is capable of driving into hard target materials. This drill is different form the combi drill through its torque efficiency. The torque produced in these machines is quite less when compact to combi drills. Also, the machine allows low speed and high speed operations such that the user can switch between speed levels during an operation. This model finds its application in areas that require low torque application on its target material.

Impact Driver: This model is said to be the most efficient model due to its functionality. This is because, apart from metal and wooden target surfaces, impact drills can also drive into hard concrete materials. This makes the machine most suited for operations at factories, manufacturing units, warehouses and other large establishments. The high torque produced by these machines enable easy penetration into concrete pillars and roofs that are otherwise difficult to bore into. The main differentiation of this model from others is the hex chuck that is available only in impact drivers.

Apart from this classification, an idea of the leading manufacturers and their products will help in understanding the types of cordless drills much better.

Milwaukee Cordless Drills

Milwaukee is a reputed brand that is known for its quality all around the world. The models introduced by this manufacturer are preferred by professionals. All those who drill professionally, find Milwaukee products to be efficient and long lasting. Another remarkable achievement of this brand is that Milwaukee was the first to introduce cordless drills with Lithium ion batteries. Previously the batteries used required too much charging time and discharged very quickly. This was overcome when Milwaukee introduced the newer batteries. These were efficient, required much lesser charging time and withstood for a longer period. Once this introduction was a success, all other brands started adopting the same batteriesas people preferred them over the older ones. This created a revolution in the sales of cordless drills.

Bosch Cordless Drills

This brand has customers all around the globe. This is because the manufacturer is in the filed for over 125 years. Their products are reliable and known for their high quality. Thus cordless drills by this producer have found takers without many questions. Its speed and torque efficiency is very high. One additional feature introduced by this manufacturer is the overall casing for the drill. This casing ensures the user holds the device firmly and does not let the machine fall off due to grip loss. This feature attracted amateurs and hence has widened the scope of the machine beyond professionals. Thus the brand name has not generated any negative feedback for their products, is a great advantage for the producer.

Precaution to be followed

Though cordless drills are safe and easy to use, precaution should be ascertained while drilling. This ensures no damages to surfaces or injuries to users happen during the usage of the machine. First of all, children should not be allowed to operate the machine. Though the machine is safe, it is ideal to keep children away from the working area. Before drilling into the target material, it is much advisable to drill into a sample material. This drilling can be used to check the machine, adjust the speed and position of the machine. Once the operation is successful on the sample material, drilling on the target material becomes very easy and error free. Proper cleaning and preparation of target material will ensure safe and accurate results on the first time of usage. This avoids the time and effort spent on rework. Careful handling of the device is necessary to keep the machine intact and efficient for a long time. This avoids unnecessary expenses that arise due to replacements and repair works due to mishandling of the machine.

Reviews of cordless drills are available in the internet. These reviews are written by experts after assessing the performance of the machine and testing it based on various parameters. Another set of reviews come from the users of the machine. Any problems, re occurring failures can be understood through the users’ reviews. Many manufacturers consider these reviews to be extremely useful in identifying their flaws and rectifying them later. Also, for a person with an idea of buying a new drill, reviews come in very useful. They provide an idea about the best features of the machine and their quality. Also problems faced by many users are written down in reviews. This gives an idea about the problems and also the technical defects of a model if the same problem has been denoted by many users.

Thus reviews help us acquire an idea of the product. Though they are helpful, a decision should not be made based only out of reviews. Other parameters such as cost, functionality requirement and guarantee period should be considered before making a decision. For example, a user who needs a cordless drill for boring screws only at home need not purchase a high power impact driver that is used in industries. This results in wastage of power and money for the user. This keeping all the above said factors in mind, a user will have to analyze, compare and negotiate if possible before buying a drill. This results in purchase of the most suitable cordless drill.


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