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18V Cordless Drill: An Overview

Not too long ago, the electric power cord bogged down the handyman while in the process of doing certain projects. To help solve this problem, engineers came up with the 9.5V cordless drill, which became an instant hit among craftsmen. Cordless drill users finally had the ability to move freely without limits, though it didn’t quite contain the amount of power that most would prefer during that time. This lead to the production of the 18V cordless drill, and the additional power gained made it that much more appealing.

Cordless drill battery packs have been said to only last several years, in the vicinity of 250 charges or so. Of course, when a battery pack was on the verge of dying, new cordless drills were released that were bigger and better than the ones bought previously. The solution then was to just buy a new cordless drill. However, this isn’t the case nearly as much now as drills can only get so big and powerful, and the performance of the batteries is improving as well. This makes buying a new one not as appealing as in previous years.

While the 18V cordless drill is not the biggest or baddest one available today, it represents an all-around, quality drill. You won’t find too many jobs that it can’t perform. It generally comes with some very useful accessories and a quick charge cycle, though this varies based on the model. Some models can charge and be used again within 20 minutes or so.

The cordless drills are available in compact and full size models. The best size is contingent on the needs of each person. For instance, if the craftsman works in close quarters, then getting a compact size is probably best. How the drill feels in the hand is also an important consideration. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to purchase a cordless drill that is difficult to handle.

The amount of cordless drill brands out there possibly equals or even exceeds the amount of power tool manufacturers. Certain brands offer more with their 18V cordless drills than others in the form of accessories and other bells and whistles. However, for those who are on a budget, the most basic models will suffice. Though, you won’t find too many craftsmen who wouldn’t want the highest priced cordless drill package you can find.

When purchasing an 18V cordless drill, play close attention to the warranty and battery type that it comes with. Though, the most important factor is how well it suits your needs. The prices for cordless drills has continued to decrease, and this is an excellent time to get a drill with some power and portability.

Best 18v cordless drills

Cordless drills have become the most preferred model of drills due to their high performance and easy portability. The concept of rechargeable battery operation makes the machine easy to use even in regions that are not provided with a power supply. Cordless drills come in various power efficiency and voltage ratings. Among them, 12V, 18V and 20V cordless drills are commonly used. Out of these, the best cordless drills are preferred by many professionals.

18V Cordless Drills

Cordless drills are manufactured in various voltage ratings to suit the variety of customers’ expectations. Users opt for different power efficient machines based on their requirements and availability. Out of all the voltage ratings available, 18V cordless drills as said to be the ‘golden standard’ drills. This is because of their power efficiency, high speed and high torque performance. Also, in 18V drills, the rechargeable batteries are proven to work for a longer time when compared to other models. Thus 18V drills are capable of retaining long life of the batteries. This makes them highly preferred by users as they need not recharge the batteries in the midst of an ongoing project.

Milwaukee 2650: This red colored device is one of the top rated 18V drills available today. This machine is known for its performance and durability. Another user friendly feature of this device is its compact structure and lightweight design. This makes portability very easy as it can be fitted into any small bag and carried away.Also, this machine retains battery power for a much longer time when compared to other conventional models with different voltage efficiencies. Thus, users requiring high performance machines, opt for this model astheir first choice.

Dewalt DC827: This machine is extremely user friendly due to its light weight and power grip option. The shape of the machine enables the user to firmly hold the device using the rubber grip cushions available. This makes the drill very comfortable even for users who are not much experienced in handling power drills. However, the device consumes took much time for charging the batteries. This shows the machine is not efficient in utilizing the battery power. This machine offers only one speed at which the device can perform. Therefor speed cannot be controlled according to the convenience of the user.

Makita BTD142: This feather weight model is known for its high performance using very high speed. The machine is very compact and offers a firm grip for the user due to its design. Another advantage of the machine is that it charges in a very short time when compared to other 18V drills. Though its charging capacity is high, the machine cannot be operated for a very long time without a break. Short breaks between operations enable high performance of the device.

Thus cordless batteries come in various sizes, features and specifications. The best 18V cordless drills offer very high performance with a short charging time. These machines are also compact and weigh light.


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